What are the Features of

3D & 4D Virtual Exhibitions of


Some Features of

3D & 4D Virtual Exhibitions



1. 3D Booth - Exhibitors will be allotted 3D Booths with multiple features in an immersive gaming environment of

MANIRATHNAM VEC (VIRTUAL EXHIBITION CENTRE) which will run on auto-pilot mode and that too 24 X 7 


Organisers, Exhibitors, Advertisers can play Videos, showcase Digital Stock, directly connect Customers through WhatsApp, directly link the E-Commerce Stores, Websites, Social Media Handles and much more on ONE 3D VIRTUAL BOOTH / ONE DIGITAL PAGE


While the Organisers will be sharing the link to visit the Virtual Exhibition Centre to Invitees, even Exhibitors, Advertisers can circulate its link directly to their customers and potential customers


2. MANIRATHNAM is the World's First Virtual Events Company which is promoting the use of Digital Catalogues (not PDF Catalogues) and Digital Magazines (not PDF Magazines) for different Events


Digital Catalogue - Digital Catalogue helps in Contact-Less Communication. This solution can be marketed as a Digital Catalogue Campaign, as an independent solution, and it can also act as a solution for the Hybrid / Virtual Event. Considering the threat of transmission of the virus because of the physical touch, Digital Catalogue is a very essential solution for Physical Events


Digital Magazine for different Events - Digital Magazine for different Events can help Organisers, Exhibitors, Advertisers out with Pre-Event Marketing (if they opt for Pre-Event Digital Magazine). They can get additional publicity and outreach by reaching out to all those people who weren't able to attend the Event or attended it in part only (if they opt for Post-Event Digital Magazine). Even recordings of the Webinars can be played inside the Digital Magazine! While the solution of a Digital Magazine will be a part of the Virtual Exhibition Campaign, it can also be marketed as an independent solution


While, Digital Catalogue and Digital Magazine will be an add-on in the entire Virtual Exhibition Campaign by default; Exhibitors, Advertisers can even circulate independent links to both these solutions directly to their customers and potential customers. This way, they don't have to spend extra money in creating similar solutions for doing marketing and publicity on their own