The concept of Customer Experience Centres has evolved from the more traditional Executive Briefing Centres (EBCs).

But there are some key differences between the two. Executive Briefing Centres tend to support a one-way communications approach where Customers are presented with a sales pitch and briefed on the Company’s vision and product / service offered. Whereas, Customer Experience Centres (CECs) are more interactive and focus more on the needs of the Customer


They are founded on the concept that Customers want to be talked to, and not talked at. Customers want an experience that they are at the Centre. This makes the Shopping Experience feel authentic and personalised to their needs. As such, CECs tend to have a higher level of interactivity and a creative approach to engaging with potential Customers, rather than a passive sales experience. CECs, as opposed to the aggressive, hard-sell marketing tactics, give a breathing space to the Consumer and let them be themselves. While it is not always cost effective to create Physical Experience Centres in various regions and markets, going Virtual can help in reaching multiple places and that too at a fraction of the cost


Apart from that, the Interactive and Immersive Virtual Environment can act as a great ATTRACTION for the Customers and Potential Customers. Plus, the Investors and Consumers of the Future are Millennials and it becomes very essential to communicate with them in the 'language' which they understand. That is why it is important to adapt the 3D & 4D Virtual Trade Promotion Solutions by MANIRATHNAM. Adapting those will also make it easy for both the Clients and their Customers to transition to Metaverse, when it becomes fully functional


Here are different 3D & 4D Virtul Xperience Centre Solutions by MANIRATHNAM for different Industries:


1. Flooring and Wall Cladding

2. Automobile Industry

3. Real Estate