Born in the times of the worldwide pandemic of COVID-19, MANIRATHNAM is the IP created, curated and owned by

Amish Badani, Amish Group - India


What started as a 3D and 4D (3D + VR) Virtual Exhibitions, Digital Publishing Solutions, and Hybrid Events Company is now a Trade Promotion and Facilitation Company. MANIRATHNAM strives to digitise business development and promotion methods by providing immersive and interactive Marketing, Networking, Trade Promotion and Trade Facilitation Solutions



All the Trade Promotion Solutions are personally curated by Amish Badani to provide Immersive Experiences! The Investors and Consumers of the Future are Millennials and it becomes very essential to communicate with them in the 'language' which they understand. That is why it is important to adapt the Digital and 3D & 4D Virtual Trade Promotion Solutions by MANIRATHNAM. Adapting those will also make it easy for both the Clients and their Customers to transition to Metaverse, when it becomes fully functional