Benefactor Investor



Who or What is a

Benefactor Investor?



Mr. Amish Badani from Amish Group has coined the term and developed the concept of Benefactor Investor and it's the first time anyone is ever using it


Benefactor Investors shall get on-board the initiatives of MANIRATHNAM (namely Hybrid Events, Digital Trade Magazines etc.) and support those initiatives by making an investment in buying-out the AdSpace / Exhibition Space and then reselling those


There are many Companies who have earned a great name and fortune in their respective fields. By acting as Benefactor Investors, they are making an investment in the initiatives of MANIRATHNAM to give something back to their Industry so that it can grow, develop and prosper


The overall investment amount may be very small but the initiatives are undertaken not just for profit but for upliftment and prosperity. As far as recoupment of investment is concerned, even if the Benefactor Investors invite their existing Vendors of different Categories / Verticals to participate, they'll be able to easily resell completely


Apart from that, there will be many Vendors who would be interested in developing a business connect with the Benefactor Investors. They are bound to grab this opportunity just so they can do that! Therefore, the Benefactor Investors don't need to run around for resale. Additionally, the kind of genuine PR and positive publicity the Benefactor Investors can get by getting onboard cannot be measured monetarily



Why spend when you can invest and recoup?


This is a unique collaboration opportunity where the Benfactor Investors don't have to spend money but invest money. If they were acting as Sponsors or Advertisers anywhere else, they would have to spend money so that their Brand and their Company Logo can get promoted 


However, under this initiative of MANIRATHNAM, the same thing will happen but they may be able to recoup that 'spent' money instead. The positive PR and Publicity would be a bonus!