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Conceptualised, Created and Curated by Amish Badani, MANIRATHNAM SAMAADHAAN is a Franchise of Amish Group which will promote the use of Digital Advocacy Magazines (DAM) for different Sectors and Industries in India and across the World


The main purpose of MANIRATHNAM SAMAADHAAN is to provide a platform where Individuals and Organisations can make independent representations by being a part of the collective!


One of the reasons behind this initiative is to come up with a Uniform Standard Approach (USA) in the Public Policy, Advocacy and Lobbying spheres. This Uniform Standard Approach (USA) will promote Open Governance 


It is time to move from Good Governance to Open Governance where Public Policy is structured through Public Representation. This will make the Government more transparent. It will be Democracy in its purest form!



What are the advantages of




Some of the advantages of Digital Advocacy Magazines (under the aegis of MANIRATHNAM SAMAADHAAN) are:


1. Advertisers can make policy representations with the support of Amish Group (an Ethical Lobbying firm and Format Rights Owner of the Digital Advocacy Magazine)

2. Consumer opinion, testimonials, feedback etc. can also be included in the Digital Advocacy Magazine. This can be done to give a balanced perspective to the Government for enabling them to come up with practical policies

3. Regular outreach to the Government, Officers and Key Players through the Digital Advocacy Magazine will remind them that the concerns of the said Sector are genuine and should not be ignored or overlooked

4. This Uniform Standard Approach will set a standard for making policy related representations across India and eventually across the World

5. Since Public Policy Representations will be made by the Public and openly viewed by the Public, not only will it put pressure on the Government Officials to take relevant and speedy actions, it will also put pressure on the Public to make relevant representations, because everything they state or represent will be out in the open. It will strive to keep both the parties in check - the Public and the Government