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Special Packages designed by

Amish Badani, Amish Group




Whether you are looking to book Hotels and Resorts for Corporate Events, Weddings, Family Functions or Entertainment Events, the special packages designed by MANIRATHNAM will provide you the best services at the cheapest prices possible


Even if you don't have any Events but simply want to avail the discounted rates while you are traveling for Work or going on a Holiday, please feel free to connect with MANIRATHNAM for a Reference

What are some of the advantages

of the Hotel and Resort Packages

designed by MANIRATHNAM?



1. 24 Hours Check-Out policy, at selected Venues

2. Half Day Charge for additional stay up to 12 hours, at selected Venues

3. Complimentary Breakfast, Bottled Water etc., at selected Venues 

(ONLY Pure Vegetarian and Vegan Meals in the categories of Jain, Swaminarayan, Vaishnav)

4. Amenities and Facilities on Complimentary basis or Highly Discounted Rates (e.g. Gym, Swimming Pool etc.), at selected Venues

5. Special Meal Packages, at selected Venues

(ONLY Pure Vegetarian and Vegan Meals in the categories of Jain, Swaminarayan, Vaishnav)

6. Complimentary PickUp and Droup facility from Airport, Railway Station, Bus Station etc., at selected Venues

7. Other Amazing Offers provided by different Venue Partners